Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Retreat Delight

I recently went on a quilting retreat with an online quilting group. One of the highlights of this retreat was a mini quilt swap. The minis could be no smaller than 8" square and no larger than 12" square, and must be made from 30's reproduction fabrics. Each person put their mini in a plain paper bag, and a number was assigned to each bag. Then, each person drew a number, and received the corresponding brown bag for their mini!

Here is the mini I made and swapped...

...and this is the adorable mini I received!


Michelle said...

Both are super cute, Conni!

Laura-IH said...

I love my mini, Conni! It is hanging up in the Lil' Quilt Place of Honor, and has already received MANY compliments. I have to tell people, "No, I didn't make that beautiful quilt. My friend Conni did!" Thanks so much!