Monday, May 11, 2009

Burned Hard-Boiled Eggs

Yes, hard-boiled eggs, do, indeed, burn! As I was attempting to get myself ready to head out for a retreat tomorrow morning, I was making sure my sweet husband had some food prepared in my absence. This included some chicken, and 9 hard-boiled eggs. I put the eggs on to boil, and headed upstairs with a load of "put away" items, then I'd come back down stairs and set the timer for the eggs to boil their allotted 10 minutes. While upstairs, I found some binding for a quilt ready to be sewn together, so I quickly made the binding, and then decided to apply it to the quilt. That didn't take long, either. I was feeling pretty good about the entire process...only an hour to do the binding and the "put aways". I had laid the quilt out on the floor to admire it's beauty, when I heard a loud "pop"! I thought to myself, "Wonder what that was?"!! Then, the smell of burnt toast was enveloping the room. I thought to myself, "Wonder what that could be? Is one of the neighbors burning tree limbs again?". So, I decided to investigate. As I made my way to the staircase, it occurred to me what the smell was!! I panicked, and ran! THE EGGS! I had completely forgotten about them! The loud "pop" I heard was the eggs exploding! The pan had boiled dry, and was not far from catching fire! I turned the gas burner off, and thanked my God for sparing me a house fire! Think I might have to buy a new pan, too!


Anonymous said...

I know this kind of experience -- creativity at it's best (or perhaps worst) allows us to "get lost" in what we are doing. Glad all is well!

Liz said...

Ohhh, I've started eggs before and forget they were on but there has always been someone else at home to "catch" me trying to burn down the house. I think things like eggs, quietly boiling, need to put off a siren sound when they are done! Glad you only need to buy a new pan and not a new kitchen!!!
See you in a few days Conni!

Anonymous said...

Hi Conni,
I've made it back home and am updating my blog sidebar with links to my new retreat friends. Stopping by to say hi. I hope ALL goes well as you travel home via way of meeting up with your little granddaughter, no falling trees...
Connie W aka Cootie Bug

Kim said...

Oops! Did this very thing just last week. First time it's happened - for the next batch I set the LOUD timer that continues until I shut it off. Glad you are all set up with a new "Retreat Mobile". :) said...


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