Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Lovin'

For a number of years, I have participated in a retreat with women that I met through an online quilting e-Group. The retreats are wonderful, and I have met many great ladies that I now call my friends! This year, it was decided that the retreat group would do a little bit of Christmas Swapping amongst ourselves, drawing names and being matched up with those that wanted to "play". I had 2 names...which meant 2 boxes of goodies arriving at my house! The goodies on the left (snowman, lavender sachet, pink zipper bag, and faith sign) are from our retreat hostess, Angela. She is such a talented artist on so many fronts, and sells her original designs and patterns on Etsy and through her web store at Check her out...and maybe order a hand-did item or two!!!

The items on the right (hand dyed yarns, handmade soap, knitting needles, and dish cloth) are from Penny. Penny is one of Angela's sisters, and is quite talented in her own right. I'm excited to start a new project with the yarns Penny sent.

Thank you, both, for sending the lovin'! Looking forward to our retreat time in May!!


Anonymous said...

How nice that the online gals are brightening each other's days with goodies in the mail -- tangible reflections of your friendships!

The Other Barb said...

what a nice thing to to have goodies arrive at your door :) I love the "Faith , Hope & Love" sign. Pinelands Barb made me a dish cloth like the one you received. it works really well. Enjoy your christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Conni,
I would like to call you Friend! I just recently got on line and started looking up quilters and blogs because I have had a Christian blog for a long time and I just started my creation blog. The very first two blogs I discovered were Angela's and Penny's!!! I think they seem so sweet! I live in OHIO which isn't too far from them. Angela did invite me to the next retreat but I won't be able to make that one, but maybe in the future! Such nice and precious gifts. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

Christie said...

Hey! How come you get to be spoiled by the Prince sistahs? :)