Saturday, January 16, 2010

String Beans these don't exactly look like your favorite garden veggie variety, but a few weeks ago, when I was itching to sew something...anything...I sat down and made 83 of these green string blocks!! They measure 6.5" square, and I just randomly pulled from my green scrap drawer. Now, after 83 blocks you would think the scrap drawer would be noticeably less full. But, alas, NO!!!! I still had to hold the contents of the drawer down as I slid the drawer in!!! What is up with these scraps??? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE scraps! Love scrap quilts! But, I have been trying, and trying, and trying to use them up to no avail! I think it is hopeless, or at the very least, a conspiracy!!

So, what are your scrap busting ideas???


Milah said...

LOL! I'm right there with you! I agree, it's hopeless!

The Other Barb said...

I was within a minute's drive of a quilt store today & didn't go because i want to use up some of my scraps before I buy anymore fabric !I'm really trying to be disciplined about this.We'll see how long it lasts :) Last week I went to there are several scrappy quilts there.

I like the stringbean blocks you've made.

Paula said...

All I make are scrap quilts using strings and strips and I haven't noticed a dent in the contents of the drawers. They are multiplying in there, I'm sure of it.

I have a red string quilt and you have a green one. Looks like we're both ready for next Christmas!!!

peggy said...

I love the look of your blocks Conni...I can't help you with my method of using up scraps. I don't really enjoy the scrap quilt thing...but I do like the string quilt idea so many girls are doing these days.
I do have to say that I've recently starting cutting chinese coin pieces from any small pieces of fabric.....
I can't wait to see what you green strings look all assembled.
PS: did you cut certain widths?

3anklebiters said...

lovely blocks, great stash busting idea.

Anonymous said...

Just keep making these string blocks, Conni, and someday you will get ahead of that drawer. :)

Michelle said...

Great blocks, Conni! I have plenty of stash busting my HEAD! I just need to get them out and into the fabric! LOL

Liz said...

Wow Conni, that's a lot of blocks! I bet that's going to be a cool looking quilt. I love scrappy quilts but haven't made too many. I've got too much fabric and I'm afraid cutting scraps would give me carpal tunnel! :o)

karen hopkins said...

Hi Conni, I had to laugh when I fell into your blogsite, and saw your string bean blocks. I am in the middle of my own Tomato blocks, lol.. yep, raided my scrap drawer of reds, because I am out of any kind of yardage fabric to make a quilt. I am a work in progress, as to being able to get my own stash.. Can't afford to go out and buy any ( had major open heart surgery, so fabric is on the low end of budget for a long time I am afraid ).. So I am using all those irregular little pieces, odd pieces, ect trying to keep myself from being depressed.. I need something to do, all the time, and right now, these string blocks are doing me well ..
Thank you for your blog. I am going to begin to follow you, in hopes of seeing, or learning what you do with your string beans, lol.
Blessings to you,

Vickie said...

Well, you have learned a very important lesson. You never deplete scraps. It is impossible. They are in there multipling. You pull some out and use them, but the remainder soak up air and expand making the container fatter. Then when you get the container shut the multipling starts again. See you will never use up all those scraps, so just give up trying.

Love the green beans by the way.
Vickie S

Vickie said...

Oh, dear. I just read what I typed. Multipling, well now you know. ROFLOL
Vickie S.

Robin said...

your blocks look great Conni! I'm just bustin' the scraps by cutting them up into other usable sizes per Bonnie Hunter's website,! However I havent' done anything much with the cut scraps LOL I will eventually though!

ohiostar5 said...

I have a lot of red and navy blue fabrics left over from other projects, many of the fabrics a little dated. Today I cut two quilts for "Quilts of Valor." Going to try the simple pattern that is in the book "The Giving Quilt" by Cozy quilt Designs. Your right, it didn't seem to make a dent into my old stash, I could probably cut a couple more. Love the feeling of using the last of a fabric that has been around a while..

Christie said...

well i want to see a finished project out of this come May! And maybe a little tutorial of how you did your blocks pretty please. FYI green is my favorite color just so you know!

Laura-IH said...

I'm excited to see how you put these blocks together, too!

I try and try to use up scraps, but there's always more! I love the look of scrap quilts, though.

Pat said...

I really enjoy the variety on your blog. Nice blog and very interesting.

Donna said...

I love your string bean blocks, Conni. I think there is a scrap conspiracy to give me two scraps for every one I use.

Dandelion Quilts said...

scraps are never ending, this is a good use of yours! said...


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