Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life on Easy Street

I completed Step 3 of the Easy Street Mystery over at Quiltville.  I am enjoying this, and look forward to Friday for the next Step!  You can see how others are doing by checking out Bonnie's post here! 


Michelle said...

ohhhh...boy, I'm liking the colors you are working with! Beautiful!

Candace said...

I love your colors, and your little blocks look great. Can't wait to see it with more of the green added in.

The Other Barb said...

I'm liking your colors too~

Robin said...

Great job!

Tami C said...

Looking Good Conni! I was afraid to pick different colors from Bonnie. This is my first mystery & I'm new to quilting. Can't wait to see how yours turns out! Happy Sewing!

Liz said...

Pretty stuff Conni. I think I'm going to play along with Barb on the BPF sew along. If I have questions, I'll know who to ask. :o) Love the colors you're using!

Barbara said...

I got in on this late, still on step four and it's mid January. Stay tuned, I hope mine looks as good as your start. I'm back and getting you in my blog list before I lose touch again.

Anonymous said...

Hi GF, hope all is well with you. Long time no see (or chat). Now that's a new year perhaps I can get better organized and back to blogging more regularly. I am too far behind on reading blogs to ever catch up on everyone so I'm starting where they now are. I never hear from anyone I knew at retreat, I hope all are doing well. Keep warm! xo c

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