Thursday, June 16, 2011


My little Sweet Pea has been here for the past few weeks.  We have had loads of fun and made just as many memories.  Sweet Pea loves to watch the Food Network and is constantly coming up with new recipes, like her special "Veggie Pizzaz"!  Our trip to the library resulted in a cookbook entitled, "Mom and Me Cookbook" by DK Books.  She picked out the recipe she wanted to make, and we began...
 First, we made jam from the strawberries from Papa's (great grandpa) garden.
 Then I mixed up some cookie dough, and Sweet Pea rolled out and cut the cookies.  I placed them in the oven to bake.
 When cool, I frosted one cookie with butter cream icing, and my little Sweetie tenderly added the jam.
 Next, the second cookie was placed on top, and voila!
 Strawberry Jam Sweethearts!
They were sooo yummy...and they went very fast.  My compliments to the Chef!


PEGGY said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm they look good!!

Angela said...

Hello Ali from your Indiana auntie! Hope you saved me a cookie for the squirrels! :o)

Milah said...

My goodness she's grown! You tell sweet pea her cookies look wonderful! And ask her if her bunny is still holding up. ;D

Barbara said... well er, sweet! :) My compliments to the chef and to the grandmother with boundless energy. ;)

Michelle said...

Awww...such a cutie. Sounds like she's having fun with grandma! Great memories. :)