Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's A Squishy Day!

It has rained so hard...and for so long...that the ground is soggy and squishy! We've already had 10" of rain in the past 2 days, with more on the way! Kinda makes for a gloomy day! That is until the mailman comes and leaves a "squishy" in the mailbox! I received a prize package in the mail, not only for having the messiest sewing room, but also for cleaning it up! As you can see, I received a fun Christmas charm pack and a pretty purple fat quarter!

As a result of cleaning up my sewing room, I was able to finish 1 UFO. This UFO was started several months ago for a retreat that I went to. We were exchanging mini quilts, and this is the second quilt that I made for the retreat. The first one is still a mini quilt top, and the third one I made was actually exchanged at the retreat! Why I made 3, I don't know...maybe I was feeling a little inadequate with my quilting skills (so many GREAT quilters at retreat and I didn't want someone to be disappointed). But this one will be used in my guest room, that has a 30's theme to it. The pineapple symbolizes hospitality, and says, "Welcome!". I hope my guests will truly feel welcome in my home!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I've been cleaning my sewing room, thanks to a challenge put forth by one of the online swap groups that I belong to. I must admit, it was quite humbling posting a picture of my messy sewing room for all to see! But it was the truth! A big mess. I have spent the good part of the week cleaning it, putting things away, giving things away, throwing things out, dusting, and vacuuming. I even worked on 3 UFO's, finishing one of them!! The room feels quite a bit larger...amazing what de-cluttering your room can do!! Now to get busy and finish up my UFO pile! As you can see from the photo, it is overflowing! Also, I've included a photo of my finished quilt top basket. These gems are waiting to go to the quilter!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Very Own Garden

Allyson wanted a garden...her garden! So Grandpa told her we would buy some flowers so she could have her very own garden. G.G. (Great Grandma), Allyson, and myself ventured out and picked out the necessary supplies, including dirt, shovel, watering can, gloves, and of course, the beautiful flowers, to make Ally's garden. G.G. asked Ally if she liked playing in the dirt, to which Allyson quickly replied, "'s too dirty!"(hence the need for the gloves! LOL!). With the flowers bought, we headed home to plant the mini garden in our pots. Ally had so much fun, and loves to water all her beauties with her watering can.