Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hiding in Plain Sight

My husband has always liked to play games with our kids, from the time they were little into adulthood. Now he has another generation, with our adorable granddaughter, to play games with. One of their favorites to play is "Hide and Seek"! Grandpa always hides in plain the photo at left, where he is laying across the chairs under the dining room table. He is calling to her to come find him, and yet, she just doesn't know where he's at. She looks and looks, calling "Grannnndpa! Where arrrrrrre you?!!". And he replies, "I'm right the dining room!". Finally, she spies him, and they both start laughing. It is a sound that brings me great joy.

The second photo is of a dish towel that my sister brought me in February. She machine embroidered the towel. Isn't it adorable!