Thursday, March 20, 2008

They say, in Missouri, if you wait a little while, the weather will change! And change it has! The sun is shining, the winds have stopped, and the temperature is to reach the 60's today! Yippee! I was able to start the 4" double pinwheel blocks for the May retreat. They are so much fun to make...I only need 16 to swap out, so will make a few extra for myself to add to the ones I swap at retreat! Hoping to get these completed today!

We are always working on "fixing up" Greggor House! Our home was built around 1870, and was last "updated" in the 1970's by the previous owner. When we purchased the home, the upstairs had no electricity, so my husband has had to run new electrical lines. As the existing sub-panel was too small for all of the new circuits, a new, larger sub-panel was purchased and installed yesterday. After hours of work transferring wires and whatnot, hubby powered up the new panel....and it didn't work!! UGHHH!!!! To make a long story short, the main breaker was faulty. Fortunately, we were able to take just the breaker back to the store for an exchange! My husband heaved a huge sigh of relief...and we now have power! Now to repair the wall that had to be opened for all of the new wiring!


Jacob said...

at least it's finally done! I know dad have been wanting to do that for a while now.

Jacob said...

Oh, and I see that you found out how to add a picture to your post!

CONNIE W said...

So nice to have found your new blog. I too am delighted to see some sunshine and have the wind & rain moved on out of here.