Sunday, May 11, 2008

They Call Me Mom!

I count it as a privilege, and a cause for praise, that I would be given the opportunity to call these 2 sweet things my children! And now, to add blessing upon blessing, someone most adorable calls me Grandma! God is so good!

Jacob is 22 years old, and Jamie celebrates her 26th birthday today (how fitting is that for Mother's Day!)!! Happy Birthday, Mabel Magillacudy! And my little Tootsie Roll, Allyson Grace, is 2-1/2!


Immortal Woman said...

Happy mother's day! They are truly a blessing!

Christie said...

This post makes my eyes misty! All that beautiful fruit from your womb! LOL See you soon!!!

Angela said...

Precious pics. You made some cute kiddos. LOL